Monday, January 13, 2014

My girl

My posts about Shye are by far my most read posts. Mostly because her grandmas like to read them over and over again. I can't blame them. This girl is cute. So anyway it's been a while since I've done an update on Shye and the grandmas are starting to complain. We can't have that now, can we?

Contemplating life.

At two and half years old Shye thinks that she has got the world figured out. She can help herself to snacks in the cupboard and she can operate the tv and dvd player. She thinks that whenever she gets in trouble that she can distract me by pointing up and saying "what's dat?". I will admit it was a pretty smart strategy and it actually worked a few times. She gives me a high five every time she unintentionally hurts me, I'm not sure if that's her way of apologizing or trying to distract me. She thinks its funny to steal my seat whenever I get up. And she still loves all the cats. They obviously do not return the sentiment.
Pippi: "Stop touching me child."

She has developed a fool-proof plan for sleeping in our bed. Up until recently Shye has been sleeping the whole night in her own bed. Every now and then she would wake up in the middle of the night and come to our bed, which was fine. Normally we do our little bedtime routine every night which is: giving everyone a goodnight hug, brushing teeth, changing into pjs, prayers, and then tucking her in with her sippy cup and her dolly. Then we turn off the lights and shut the door. She used to drink her sippy cup and drift off to sleep. Now she drinks her sippy cup and then she climbs into our bed and goes to sleep. So every night we find this sneaky little munchkin asleep in our bed. And she is a light sleeper so transferring her back to her own bed wakes her up completely. And she just comes right back to our bed. Stinker. I think this problem will be resolved once we get our own place and she has her own room.

Ready to conquer the world.

Her favorite foods are still hummus, guacamole, apples, oranges, mini marshmallows, pretzels, cheese, french fries, doritos, pasta, and pizza. A new favorite is pomegranate seeds. Oh she loves them. And they make for some very interesting poopy diapers. Oh and she developed a taste for Coke over Christmas thanks to both of her grandmas (both are life-long Coke addicts) who were under the same roof and there was always seemed to be a nice cold Coke sitting around just begging to be stolen by a two year old. I'm pretty sure that all her bad habits are coming from her grandmas.

She thinks she is going to get a sip.

Her favorite toy these days are her cars. She took an interest in cars a few months ago. She has quite a little collection now. Not just any cars, they have to have doors that can open and shut. Mainly she likes trying see what she can stuff into her little cars (cheerios, buttons, pom-poms, etc.) but she also enjoys racing the cars across the floor. And for some reason she also likes organizing and lining them up in different orders. She's a strange cookie.

Toy cars are the best.

Shye is still such a sensitive little thing. She gets her feelings hurt very easily. She doesn't like to feel like she has done something wrong. The other day she accidentally spilled some water on the counter, it wasn't really that big of deal but of course, I overreacted and made a big scene. It was so sad the way Shye's little face fell and she started to cry. I don't even think that she realized that she knocked over the water, all she knew was that I was yelling and stomping around. Definitely made me realize that I need to try harder to not lose my cool over such silly things.
My sweet.

Overall she has been so good lately. She loves making people laugh and is becoming quite the clown. Her teething issues seem to calmed down, though I'm still going to have to take her to a pediatric dentist to find out whats up with those extra molars. She was so sweet to me while I was sick and recovering from my miscarriage. She seemed to sense that something was wrong and gave me lots of kisses and snuggles which is unusual for her. We are so thankful for her sweet little spirit and for all the joy she brings into our lives.

That face. How could you not love it?


  1. She is so awesome. I love the personality she is developing. We need to do a play date soon. They can meet up with their cars and go crazy. Roan also loves to see what stuff he can put in his cars. LOL

  2. She is such a cutie. I can never get over that face!