Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Lucky 8

On Friday last week I woke up to find this post it note on the bathroom mirror.

And then this one on the door.

And then this one on the computer.

So I finally got the hint and checked my email. Here's the message I got from Brian. 

Turns out Brian had planned an overnight trip for us to celebrate our 8th anniversary. An overnight, kidless trip to be more exact. I was excited and nervous all at once.

And then I got really nervous. What if Shye woke up in the middle of the night from a bad dream and I'm not there? What if she cries all night for me? What if this trip makes her afraid that every time I leave I'm not going to come back? What if this trip gave her abandonment issues for life? I know some people probably think these kinds of worries are silly but not for me. For the past two and half years Shye and I have practically been conjoined twins. We do everything, literally everything together. Sure, Brian and I have gone on dates and I've had few nights out with girlfriends but honestly I think the longest I've been away from Shye is four or five hours. So I think my nervousness was entirely warranted.

Buuuut on the other hand, I was excited to get to spend some quality time with Brian. As anyone with kids knows, it can be difficult to have a meaningful conversation with your spouse when there is an impatient midget constantly interrupting you for more graham crackers. And we were both pretty stoked about getting to sleep in. At this point in our lives sleeping in (and naps for that matter too) is pretty much a distant, fond memory. To make matters worse, Shye recently discovered that she could reach the light switches and now we get woken up with cruel, blinding light every. single. day. Needles to say, my excitement for this trip was growing. Besides, we could always get Shye therapy for any potential abandonment issues later on down the road, right? So I picked Brian up from work at 5pm and we headed out kidless and fancy-free for a night on the town.

We stayed at the Grand America. It was nice. And by nice I mean it was super fancy. Crystal chandeliers, marble floors, gorgeous gardens and lounges. Our room was nuts. First of all it was larger than any apartment we've had. And then the bathroom was made entirely of marble. Not to mention that the bathroom alone was probably bigger than our first apartment. We are moving up in the world folks. We went to Faustina for dinner which was absolutely delicious. Afterwards we went to Saving Mr. Banks which I really enjoyed. Brian and I were talking afterwards about what a different movie it was, it was slow, there was a lot of character development, and there were some really poignant, touching moments. It seems harder and harder to find movies lately that are meaningful these days. Then we went back to the hotel we kicked back with a couple of sodas and watched Cops. No really.

Brian and I are both the kind of people who need a lot of sleep. Eight hours is the bare minimum, nine hours is better, and ten hours is optimal. Obviously with a kid neither one of us ever gets to sleep like that anymore. Especially with the light switch monster. But neither one of dreamed that we could sleep in until 11am. Which is exactly what we did. We jumped out of bed and made a mad dash to make the noon check out time. And then we had nice leisurely lunch before heading back home to see if our munchkin even remembered us anymore.

It was a nice way to end what turned out to be an incredibly hard year for us. I hope I'm not jinxing myself here but I definitely feel like the worst is behind us, for now anyway. We are moving the first of February and it will be nice for our little family to have a fresh start. But when I look back on this hard year I'm so grateful that I had Brian at my side. I couldn't ask for a more solid, devoted, hard-working guy. And most importantly, he brought me a lot of laughter and love on even my darkest days. I'm a lucky girl indeed.


  1. love this post. i laughed out loud at the email when it said "what is not included: cheyenne" haha. i'm glad you guys got to do this. what a fun thing. i love that brian planned it all out himself too. that is sweet. happy anniversary.

  2. WOW that hotel looks super dooper fancy. I have never been inside there. Happy Anniversary and cheers to a new start. Did I mention I cannot wait for you guys to move. Please let us know if you need any help at all. We totally don't mind lifting boxes and unloading the truck.

  3. I'm so glad you got the chance to get away, and to such a fancy place! Happy Anniversary!

  4. Happy Anniversary! How wonderful that he planned everything for you. Everybody needs some time away, and your time looked great.

  5. That's so fun!!! Good job, Brian! What a great anniversary!